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LIFX bulb application functionality.
I propose that an application be developed that changes the colors of the LIFX bulb based on the day of the week. So on Monday for example one can customize the application to so all the lights have a certain color/hue to them then by Friday have a completely different color/hue. For example, Monday can be red, Tuesday light red, Wednesday yellow, Thursday light green, and Friday green. Weather can also be used so that the lights reflect what the weather is outside.


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Create a company (kind of head hunter company?).
The company will perform carries camps for 2,3 or 4 weeks (longer?). All people in the camp will be watched, evaluated by psychologist, trainers...
There will be lot of task to solve - daily situation in company (including stress situations, quick changing of actually status...etc).
After 2,3 or 4 weeks you will know what job position is the right for you or the company will know what will be the best position for. You will know if you are able to lead a team or to be an important part of the team...etc.
You (we ;) )can earn money by selling the perfect people for concrete position in the company (also with guarantee ;) ) no matter what a position!

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Instant Runoff Voting (IRV) is a term used in the United States for a single-winner voting system where ballots allow candidates to be ranked in order of preference, and counted in a runoff process, where everyone's top choice is counted each round, and the least supported candidates are eliminated, and votes for such candidates are transfered to the next choice. It's also called "Ranked Choice voting", "Contingency vote", "Supplementary vote", and "Single transferable vote".

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Ever need to make something from nothing, well we have a cook in the family, my wife E, that does just that. She makes us pasta with sauce made from V8, and top rammon noodles. DO NOT TRY TO DUPLICATE Sat Oct. 4th 2008 Posted online 2007

Ghetto Chef

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Hai i don't any idea.What can i do.get me idea? ok

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I wanna this site in Brazil, or translate to Portuguese.

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