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Create a company (kind of head hunter company?).
The company will perform carries camps for 2,3 or 4 weeks (longer?). All people in the camp will be watched, evaluated by psychologist, trainers...
There will be lot of task to solve - daily situation in company (including stress situations, quick changing of actually status...etc).
After 2,3 or 4 weeks you will know what job position is the right for you or the company will know what will be the best position for. You will know if you are able to lead a team or to be an important part of the team...etc.
You (we ;) )can earn money by selling the perfect people for concrete position in the company (also with guarantee ;) ) no matter what a position!

the end

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The New York Times had an article today on successful and failed commercials from the just completed Olympics. I eagerly read it because I wanted to see what they said about the one commercial that I liked so much that I actually rewound it (using Tivo) and watched it many, many times. And I actually stopped my Tivo (an act that should be a metric of marketing success) whenever I spotted this commercial while fast-forwarding through Olympic commercial breaks. Not only that, I searched for the commercial on YouTube and watched it again. Not only that, I found the original source for the commercial and watched that again. So I will.

Nike's United We Rise commercial takes film of Marvin Gaye singing the Star Spangled Banner at a 1983 NBA game and intermixes it with footage of the American Olympic basketball team preparing for the games. The effect, for me, was mesmerizing.

The appeal of the commercial, of course, is Marvin Gaye. To be able to take a national anthem and make it so different, so soulful, and so memorable is stunning even today. I can't even imagine what the reaction was in 1983, although I know that Jose Feliciano almost ruined his career doing something similar at a baseball game in 1968.

What makes the Nike commercial so memorable? Let's consider it within the context of Made To Stick, one of the more insightful commentaries on marketing of the past several years. In their book, Chip Heath and Dan Heath (brothers, one of whom is a Stanford Business School professor) outline the qualities of what makes a message (or commercial) sticky-what makes people remember a message and want to tell others about it, or in my case want to watch it over and over again.

The Heaths identify six characteristics that make a message sticky. Let's examine the Nike commercial with these principles in mind:

SIMPLICITY. The commercial's message is simple enough: Gaye brought greatness in his own way to honoring America, and the Redeem Team is going to do the same, in a way that will be memorable for ages. With style, and with a whole lot of coolness.

UNEXPECTEDNESS. Needless to say, associating Marvin Gaye singing the national anthem with the Olympic basketball team was quite unexpected. Check.

CONCRETENESS. Well, I'm not so sure what's concrete about this commercial. Certainly it's meant to embody Nike's Just Do It, but without knowing that slogan already one would have a difficult time pulling that from the images. I'm going to rule that the commercial doesn't capture this principle.

CREDIBILITY. I believe that part of what Gaye brings to this commercial, believe it or not, is credibility to the USA basketball team. Gaye was a world-famous music icon who had recently had a hit with "Sexual Healing", yet he chose to open an NBA game with a moving rendition of the national anthem that was as likely to hurt as help his career. Gaye took an American-born music genre and honored his country by applying his incredible talents in that genre to his national anthem. The Mario Williams Jersey American team had the ability to take an American-born game and apply their incredible talents in that game to honoring their country. The question pointed towards the USA basketball team as they entered the Beijing Olympics was whether they'd put their NBA stardom on the shelf during the Olympics and focus on representing America against the best of the rest of the world to the best of their ability. In today's star-driven society, it's easy to imagine a Kobe saying, "What's the point? I've already achieved greatness in the greatest basketball league in the world." Well, let's consider what Marvin Gaye would say to that…

EMOTIONS. Music has a way of touching people's emotions unlike any other art form. Not only was Gaye's performance masterful, when have you ever heard a national anthem transformed into a pop-art-form performance that preserved the spirit of the original anthem? There's a reason that some of the most memorable (sticky) commercials have featured memorable music. Recent JC Penny commercials come to mind. This VW commercial from several years ago is said to have caused the significant posthumous revival of Nick Drake. And, of course, there's Apple's iPod commercials.

STORIES. Well, there isn't a strong narrative here. The message is more implied, as I've outlined above. I'm ruling that they didn't meet this one as well.

So, that's four out of the six Sticky principles achieved by this commercial. Not surprising that it stuck with me.

Given the nature of this blog, I'm forced to consider: was Marvin Gaye's performance innovative? Given the requirement of economic value that many of my innovation colleagues require for something to be considered innovative, I suppose not. This Nike commercial, however, undoubtedly is.

Todd Mintz has a wonderful recount of his attendance at the NBA game in which Gaye performed. Below is the 60-second Nike commercial that I watched so many times on my Tivo (there's 150 second version available on YouTube as well). And below that is film of the original Marvin Gaye performance. Enjoy.

The Olympics are always inspiring with the amazing results achieved by the competing athletes. It's easy to look at someone like Michael Phelps and decide that he provides no inspiration for the average person because he has been groomed for over a decade to excel at this event due to his extraordinary natural talent--and the reality is that yes he has.

What is easy to ignore in Michael's life-story, however, is that he has worked extraordinarily hard to get to the position that he is in. Unbelievably extraordinarily hard. And so has every athlete at the Olympics. They've found what they are good at and have worked extraordinarily hard at doing their best at it. This is not only the secret of successful athletes in all sports but also the secret of successful entrepreneurs and technologists worldwide, and a model of success that can be accessed by anyone: find what you are good at and work extraordinarily hard at it. Don't be lulled into the job model that has been created for those who work at something that merely defines something they can do. Most people aren't able to spend their salaried time doing what they do well-most people just work to make a living no matter what the job. Being paid to do what you do well is an opportunity that perhaps one can only truly appreciate at the end of one's career-to be thankful for being paid to be best at exactly what one is in fact best at. The satisfaction of this unique situation is not about being paid for it, of course; it's about being judged at what one does best and being given the opportunity to excel at what one does best. If one takes that opportunity, that is.

That opportunity, of course, defines the lives of Olympic athletes. And nothing defines them more than matching their talents to their training and working as hard as they can to be best as they can. In the spectacular finish of the American 400m freestyle relay, the finish of Jason Lezak was spectacular: his performance seemingly pre-destined for the history books, and an achievement celebrated worldwide. Yet what's not seen nor appreciated by the Olympics viewers is the incredible-and I mean incredible beyond what most people can ever imagine-incredible work ethic that Lezak executed to put himself in the position to be able to make one of the most amazing comebacks ever.

Randy Pausch, the Carnegie Mellon professor who became an online sensation when he gave a Last Lecture after being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer (and who passed away soon after), provided simple yet insightful advice about achievements and work ethic:

The brick walls are there for a reason. The brick walls are not there to keep us out; the brick walls are there to give us a chance to show how badly we want something. The brick walls are there to stop the people who don't want it badly enough. They are there to stop the other people!

Work hard. Work harder than others. Work hardest if you are really good at it. Challenges simply exist for you to overcome then if you are up to it.

Most people complain about their jobs and the perceived difficulties and obstacles that they experience. This tip is for the few of you who want to be able to look back on your career with sanguine satisfaction rather than a melancholy attitude towards all that you simply put up with: the brick wall is there for a reason, so let your colleagues complain about it while you scale it, put it behind you, and face new challenges that few ever progress far enough to even come up against.

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So your little baby boy is growing fast and before you know it hes reached the age where hes picking and choosing everything from his clothes to his bedroom furniture. Baseball toddler beds seem to be a timeless favorite with both fathers and sons alike. In this article weve put together some of the best toddler bed deals on the net.

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Twin baseball bed in a bag

This baseball themed bed is a popular choice with many American families. Images normally found on baseball cards are printed all over the sheets giving the bed a real baseball theme.

The Anthony Davis White Jersey bedding is packed full of lively images of baseball players hitting and fielding as well as various bits of baseball equipment. On the back side of the comforter cover youll also see a huge baseball imprinted into the fabric.

The bedding on this particular model Justin Smith Game Jersey is produced from 100% cotton ensuring that there will be no risks of skin irritation or something similar thourhg using inferior quality sheets. For a low price of $89.99 you cant beat this model on both quality and appeal.

MLB Authentic Toddler Bed

At a discounted price of $79.99 you will be able to get hold of the MLB Authentic Toddler Bed which is something that any baseball fan would not mind having in his room.

The Yankees, Red Sox, Braves and Giants are just a few of the major league teams you can choose when it comes to getting this bed. If your intention is to get you kid to love the same team as you from a young age, this would be the choice.

The bedding displays nicely embroidered logos of the particular team along with which it has been adorned with a satin trim and authentic mesh material. This is another one of the classic baseball theme beds that is soaring in the market and makes a great choice for the son of every Major League Baseball fan.

Toddler Bed Atlanta Braves Design

This bed is an obvious choice for those who support the Atlanta braves, regardless of where Mike Wallace Jersey you might happen to live in the USA. Although the bed is meant for the toddler, in all likelihood it is the dad who will be making the choice.

The high quality hand crafted bed made from the finest quality wood features the logos of the team on the headboard and footboard. The logos have been silk screened and have a diamond urethane top coat that makes them washable as well as durable.

This bed does not come in that cheaply at a whopping $899 putting it out of the price range of most people, but for those who have the cash and a passion for the team, why not?

Baseball toddler beds are available in a number of other styles by various companies. Another popular style is the bed in a bag style centered on the baseball theme. Similarly you will be able to find bunk beds for a pair of toddlers and a host of complimentary bedding on the same theme.

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The homeland security "actress Claire Danes, Christian Louboutin Sale dressed in a Lanvin 2013 early spring series of yellow dew shoulder dress collocation Barbara Bui aureate high-heeled shoes, Christian Louboutin Ankle Boots contracted design for bright color becomes particularly grab an eye, optional yet modelling sense of suspension effect let her like the mythical Greek goddess. Red Bottom Shoes Not too much to act the role of an ornament, Lorraine Schwartz with only aureate deserve to let integral modelling looks more elegant and dignified. Discount Christian Louboutin Shoes
The red carpet goddess Nicole Kidman chose Italy new designer Antonio Berardi 2013 chun xia series long white dress collocation Christian Louboutin heels appear red carpet, match with blue exquisite sequins embroidery, full of classical breath Fred Leighton sweat shape eardrop, added some classical temperament

Angelina jolie and LV signed a $10 million contract, Louis Vuitton Outlet Store become the most famous brand spokesperson, and will from this year summer began to appear in LV some promotion occasion. Designer Handbags And this is also believed to be the important measure of LV globalization strategy. Angelina Julie had previously endorsement Japan shiseido, LV Bags and as St. Jones's official spokesman. This "and LV cooperation, and Angelina jolie career biggest signing. Jolie and brad Pitt's marriage life is happy, Louis Vuitton Wallet and after the wedding, and her next film and endorsement expense upsurge

Christian Louboutin shoes French top master early main thought important celebrities, Christian Louboutin Heels the bride and fashionable woman shoes specially to tailor is famous in the world, Christian Louboutin Heels and in recent years, in order to meet the increasingly growing shoes market, he also slowly put the eye to male shoes field, Cheap Christian Louboutin and released a large number of very popular classic fashion landmark shoe money, for example, Buy Louboutins has overspread rivet design Loafers with a sense of luxury all the Flat and so on. And recently, Christian Louboutin in New York in Manhattan's Meat Packing District to open new stores, Christian Louboutin Sale and accept famous men's magazine GQ interview intellectual family

I look forward to in 2008. Do not say, the person in the middle is not going to change, Canada Goose Parka,and is a popular trend to change the design, rich colors, do not love a woman, the gentleman is a hot spot. As early as in 2008, the popular monthly held monthly hot spot, "certainly you should not miss. Let's take a look at you, because they do not hurry, I have been looking for the trend of the distance, or taken a simple do? In order to reach the South Pole, Canada goose, we have more than 50 years of leather jacket, leather jacket, Canada Goose Outlet,I found that it's waterproof windproof absolutely very reliable and high-quality products, I think this is a very hot product. Of course, at the same time, maintain a sense of style design, the Canada goose, you can be in a great position in the city of New York fashion splendor tools. They believe that Hollywood star Matt Damon. In addition, long-sleeved shirt, or wear, if you prefer, you can wear a suit set inclement weather. This jacket pocket money, warm your hands off, there is not enough space for your mobile phones and PDAs. Does not seem to be so difficult, the overall structure of the hat dress can pull the zipper, Canada Goose Jacket,but also be able to conduct a public. We are equipped with a cold day, day-to-day work in black and khaki, the best. His style of dress is your logo, in addition to the crowd. Of course, you. Traditional wood and old baggage, the British company with a combination of new materials and production the global trotters century story. Of course, it is sufficiently large, small and large. Junya Watanabe also brought a record submitted to T-. I think Daniel Craig (Daniel Craig) and Ronnie Wood in his box, and then, it can provide 007 you will have to worry about it? In fact, this is produced by mixing the two styles of design. Canada Goose Expedition Parka,A widely dignitaries and cool kids like pattern tie; another is by yacht owners, Ivy League athletes like scholarly tie. The generation of this design, thanks to those designers with a creative spirit, Psycho Bunny and Ben Sherman. Of course, this tie will give you a little bit of American style, at the same time, does not make you look very rigid. And black flannel jacket matching. Finally, in 2008, have the backing of a president, who would not like the Half-Blood it? You might think corduroy outdated. In fact, let me say, it was lightweight and slim, it looks pretty cool. And blue jeans, corduroy denim has a variety of different colors, khaki, gray, light gray, Beige. Of course, Canada Goose Men,we said that the thin, narrow strips of corduroy, rather than once through your uncle mast wide bar also furry corduroy fabric. Please note that these rich colors are usually wild color, so you need to hurry to buy one to match your sports shoes, boots, and even your wallet.

SiTuLeiYan only a slight glance and ugg boots uk saw her appearance, saw her hands holding glasses, mywood staring at stage appearance. I don't know, she what goes on in.
But he was not rao, slowly open: "xiao secretary, this you shine."
XiaoXiXi still palpable staring at just GuRe blue christian louboutin uk standing platform, the fascinatedly ignore everything around him. SiTuLeiYan to she ignored their reaction frowned and GuRe blue see; show off one's cleverness quickly on the next to XiaoXiXi, gently touched her, this just let her is like a wake the general, a face of doubt hurriedly ask: "how?"
"Flame say... the you." GuRe blue mbt shoes online expression very innocent, but from the bottom of wait and see her jokes.

Cristian Louboutin launched 2012 autumn man shoes, Red Bottom Shoes with red sole famous French luxury brand shoes Christian Louboutin in men's shoes field also performance not common, Christian Louboutin Heels especially frequently launch of the rivet shoes a sit up and take notice. Louboutin UK
Not only the classical Rollerboats form shoes and Rollerboy flat shoes all take the rock style of rivet, cheap louboutin even is consistent with good nature gentle star image of Old Delhi flat shoes also put on a luxury suede and passionate leopard grain hemming appear, very wild!

If you think only 40 years old woman to shake the body into 30 years old appearance, Jimmy Choo Shoes conclusion went down too soon. Jimmy Choo heels You see this year cannes film festival Palme d 'Or award winning film Amour, this is a happened in two more than 80 - year - old retired the love story between the music teacher. Last December, Here 91 - year - old fashion icon, Iris, general phil (Iris Apfel) and cosmetics company MAC cooperation, launched a new cosmetic series; This year, the Jimmy Choo launched a new iris, in o tome phil named shoes; Designer Heels Outlet In July this year, Lanvin in the latest product recommendation meeting employ 82 - year - old Jacquie Murdock as model, this is Jackie, murdoch himself as a model for the first time.

The store window design is more with the human body model to show dream scene, Christian Louboutin Boots beauty, beauty is, after all, a few minutes less angry, if you want to see in the window fresh change, Buy Christian Louboutin Shoes then go in Madison avenue Barnes new York boutique (BarneysNew York) to see see! Window designers in the exhibition space put huge fish tank, Christian Louboutin Store the beautiful red fish and Chris mention · Louboutin (Christian Louboutin) with buy the shoes. The fish around the "red shoes" fly swimming, gorgeous colour and lustre in the glass reflection produce heavy phantom of zhongsheng have different change. Louboutin Heels This simple but try to be unique window design can attract you? Together and see it ~ ~